Senin, 23 Maret 2015


eaaa :p

Hi, my name is Nur Aini Nilam Sari. People call me Nilam, except some friend in Special Education, they call me Azura. I am 18 years old, second semester in Management of Education, State University of Jakarta. I like much thing about sky. Such as dawn, twilight, night sky, cloud, mostly rain, include the grey sky and its rainbow. I am the oldest child in my house.

But no more now. “The oldest child in my house” is another way I used to say sulung. In this time, I want to introduce you about my old sister. Her name is Wafa’ Kamilah. Wasn’t her name sounds sweet? I’d think so. In Indonesian Wafa’ is setia and Kamilah is sempurna. So, Wafa’ Kamilah is The Perfect Faithfull. See?

She come from Tasikmalaya, so, I call her Teteh. She stay at a flat near her collage during her study in Syaria Accounting in Depok. Sometimes, I like to meet her there. But after I get my new predicate as mahasiswa ciyee the intentity was decrease. Beside cause of my move to a flat near my collage too, also cause of ourself activity. Now, she’s busy in spend her romantic time with her script. I really really hope she can finish it well. Allahumma aamiin. I can’t wait to see the fenomenal toga hat on her head ^^

I have mention her in some past post. If you want to know why’d I did it, the answer is simply, because she’s my sister. It ain’t a selfish. When I’m with her, I feel like a little girl. Feel like home. I can express my mind freely. We talk about mountain of task, we talk about Tasik and Jogja, about friends, family, *ehem* boy, and beauty. Sometimes we were rival but mostly we’re best pal.

We walk to mall, we walk to bookstore, doing some trip to nature, watching movies, and meals ice cream together. She even bought me a seminar ticket, and take me to my favorite writer. I never thought of this before even a single time. Who would’ve ever thought that it would be our time? I’ll just say it, she’s my sister. Beloved sister.

Today, March 23, 2015, she’s getting older. Congratulation, Teh :) Barakillahu fii umriik. I’d pray everything the best for ya. I ask Allah to bless ya every single day.

Congratulation, Teh :) Sorry for yesterday, for the kecepetan present. I can’t ever forget how much you want that book to read again. Now you have one, I have one. Sorry for not covered it yet. Sorry for write no letter on.

Congratulation, Teh :) Thanks for the qtime yesterday. I just tried to make a birthday poem or poet but I got speechless. So I made this post, hehe.

Congratulation, Teh :) Lafyaaa ({})

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