Kamis, 13 Desember 2012

You are : Locked ~(‾▿‾~)_)_)_)_)_)_)_)

First Target Locked : Schatzi

     Okay, where I should begin when it comes to you? You know, you're great at everything you do.
     I still remember, the time when I just can saw you at all, behind the wall. I watched you when you did not know I was looking, admiring you all the while. It was a precious for me.
     Yeah, I admire you! I admire you with so many reason. But nowadays, I just knowing that I have love you for no any reason. And I think it was funny!
     I remember you as my best. As friend, as my brother. As a coach. As my teacher, my tutor. You're the desire one. 
     You've change my way. You change my point of view. Going better. Going easily. Going positively! 
     You can be my everything. Everything I need. Everything, at everytime, everywhere. I know it. I remember it. 
     And did you know, you can never be placed by another.

     Oh, damn! I gotta speechless!

Second Target Locked :

     You! I never knew that it could happen 'till it happen to me.
     You know, it's not easy for me. I admire you, too! Its complicated..
     I admire the way you always strive to always do the best. I admire your hard work! And you always be blessed..
     I have already read so many poetry, poems, and story that you post in past. I read your account. I read your hand-mades. I read you. It's often to me, crying with the rain, or sometimes with the beauty orange sunset, when doing that.
     Your life. I want your life! I wanna feel a life like you. I wanna feel alive like you. That's full with surprised in my eyes. But, yeah.. I just admire you..
    Oh, shit! I cankered you!?

Third Target Locked : Shafa
     The Perfect True-Blue. That's you! You said that it was what your name means. And I think, I gotta big deal.
     When loves seems unfair and uncertain, somehow you have the ability to ease the sadness, and spoke to your ownself that everythings is gonna be okay.
     You have an amazing amount of strength that you've save, deep, in your heart. Have you know, you looks so beautiful from the any-sides. And I knew, the opinion wasn't only mine. You're the gregorious. It's fact!
     For the strong sweet Lady, that's you..

Fourth Target Locked : Elva

     Isn't need a-long-time-with-you for me to knowing you, to closer, or to feeling comfort in you.
     You are kinds, cheers, smarts, strong, and a lovely sister.. From you, I have learn some awesome tricks to keep my heart still calm in burning.
     And when being a secret admirer, you're the best one!

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  1. ya ampun nilam:') postingannya bikin keingetan sama masa-masa dimana kebahagiaan cuma ada di senyum dia. dan lagi, lagi aku terhanyut didalamya. BIG THANKS:***

  2. @ka nisa: makasih kakak :)
    @mas aih: :)

  3. Aduh, mas ayam kapan sembuh? #salahfokus X))

  4. kayaknya butuh google transalte nih gua

  5. Haha :D emang vocabnya asing yah?

  6. kayaknya, aku deh yang asing sama inggrisan kyk gini hhehe